Could Colon be coming back to the Yankees?

An article by the Post’s George King states that Brian Cashman hasn’t ruled out bringing Bartolo Colon back to the Yankees.

My take? Pass. Thanks for an unexpectedly decent year, Bartolo, but no, I don’t want you back.

Colon was 8-10, 4.00, ERA+ 111 but faded down the stretch and was off the postseason roster. He’ll be 39 for the 2012 season.


One response to “Could Colon be coming back to the Yankees?

  1. Colon will be back as long as he’s comes back CHEAP! It’s starting to roll downhill, with ownership shifting it’s priorities from building championship teams to cutting corners and bringing rehashed has beens like Prior and Garcia. Why not bring in Colon and have the same tired as team that got sent home by the Tigers. It’s too bad that with the last year possibly for Mariano Rivera that your not even going to try to push for a World Series. And the joke of Cashman trying to sell Hector Noesi as a viable starter. Unreal that with that new stadium they’ll be people paying thousands of dollars to see AAAA players like Noesi starting games. It won’t happen but people need to stop showing up to the games in protest that the Steinbrenners no longer care about World Series teams. Never imagined we would see a penny pinching Yankees organization but I guess it’s coming to fruition.

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