PSU has a new coach. Through Brown…again?!

In 1949, PSU head coach Bob Higgins stepped down as PSU head football coach.

Follow along, now.

In 1947, the “Hig” took PSU to the Cotton Bowl. They had a 13-13 tie in that game against SMU and Doak Walker. There was some controversy in that Cotton Bowl, due to Mel Triplett (who later played for the 1956 NFL Champion Giants) being on that team. Triplett was black.

After the 1948 season (7-1-1), Higgins was forced to retire due to bad health. His son-in-law turned out to be Steve Suhey, a star of that 1947 team.

One of Steve Suhey’s sons turned out to be Matt Suhey, an excellent back on the PSU team that lost the 1979 Sugar Bowl (1978 season) to Alabama, 14-7. Suhey was one (along with Mike Guman) stopped by Alabama in a crucial goal line stand.  Eventually Matt Suhey’s son played at Penn State, marking three generations…

Higgins coached at PSU from 1930-1948. Before that, he had a distinguished football career at PSU Pre and Post-WWI.

There was a one-year interim (Hugo Bedenk) in 1949 between Higgins and Rip Engle.

Engle came from Brown. In doing so when he began the 1950 campaign, he brought along his QB, who had just graduated…a guy named Joe Paterno.

So Engle came from Brown. He then coached PSU from 1950-1965, with JoePa as an assistant.

Then came JoePa, for  what seemed like an eternity. 1966-2011.

For just four games, Tom Bradley took over. A loss to Nebraska the week JoePa was canned. It was a home game. Then, two games on the road…a win at the Horseshoe, Ohio St., and a big loss at Wisc. Then, a loss in a bowl game to Houston.

I feel for Bradley, whose hands were tied. I wish him the best, at PSU or elsewhere. He wanted to be a head coach, but God Forbid, not in these conditions.

So PSU now has a head coach, and where did he graduate from? Brown, the same institution that gave us Engle (coach) and JoePa (graduated from there), not to mention George Paterno (who, as Joe’s brother, broadcast PSU games).

So now we have Bill O’Brien as head coach, who graduated from (let me say it again…) Brown. With  a name like that, you’d think he’d be Kelly’s assistant at ND, wouldn’t you?

But O’Brien has his work cut out for him. I, for one, want to see what he does with PSU’s offense. Bolden, for example, stinks. Look at this year’s bowl game where he was 7 for 26 or so. His comp. pct., even when “platooning” with McGloin (who, because of a locker room scuffle, concussion and seizure, was ineligible for the bowl game), stunk.

PSU’s offense has seemingly (except for 1982 and 1994) been stuck in the caveman era. Maybe their QB should be that GEICO caveman. Good RBs (and I am a PSU grad; those RBs being Mitchell, Harris, Cappy, Suhey, Guman, Warner, Dozier, Enis, McCoo, Thomas…) … but….

I, for one, will be interested in seeing how someone who coached Tom Brady with the Patriots does with a PSU offense.

It could be VERY interesting in that respect.

Oh…. BTW…. O’Brien’s alma mater? Let me repeat that. Brown. So the lineage continues, from O’Brien back to Paterno back to Engle.

Now, I wonder….

JFK Jr. went to …. Brown.

Hmmm….. Had he not died in that plane crash, does that mean that JFK Jr., no football pedigree at all (save for his family’s touch football games), could have been a candidate for the PSU football position? Doubtful of course, and highly unlikely. But….

But if just being a Brown grad qualifies you, it could have been interesting. After all, PSU is in the middle of nowhere.

Hmmm….JFK, Jr. on the coaching staff. The Brown connection. Engle, Paterno, JFK, Jr. Forget O’Brien.

Imagine the sexy girlfriends coming into PSU with JFK Jr. on that coaching staff.

Not to mention Emma Watson from Harry Potter fame, who attends Brown.

Hmm… O’Brien. Too bad he doesn’t have the late JFK Jr. and/or Emma on his staff…

Maybe THAT could be the way to turn PSU around….

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