Brady, Belicheck get a chance for revenge, four years later…

So, SB 46 (screw those roman numerals) will be a rematch of SB 42. Meaning four years after screwing New England’s bid for a perfect season, Brady and Belicheck have their chance at revenge.

Both Championship games were decided by a FG. For the Ravens, they missed theirs (bad snap? to me, it appeared a bit short, and the adjustment put the laces at 2-3 o’clock, not 12 noon. I don’t know if this altered things, but the potential game=tying FG was then wide left). Final, Pats 23-20.

In OT, the Giants win 20-17. So it is a rematch of SB 42, the one in which the Giants ruined the 2007 Patriots undefeated season.

As for me? Go Giants.

Other news today: 2006 WS MVP David Eckstein retired today.

Johnny Damon desperately wants to rejoin the Yankees. Problem. The Yanks have just $2 million or so for a DH. That, AND to re-sign Chavez as a backup 1B/3B. Meaning they have to find a way to dump A.J. No one is interested yet, no matter how much $$$$ the Yanks will dump. Until the Yanks dump A.J., and a portion of his salary, they then can’t go after Chavez or Damon…     


2 responses to “Brady, Belicheck get a chance for revenge, four years later…

  1. I live close enough and have enough friends of both the Giants and Eagles. While I while root for the Eagles against the Giants, the Giants are the only team in this division with Head Coaches since the Desert Storm/Persian Gulf win over wide right and 0-4, Hurry Up and sit the bench while O.J. Anderson and co. keep the ball for 40 minutes, limiting Mr. Kelly and his USFL style of QBing which wound up also losing by even more points due to an even worse defense that was bludgeoned by Washington at the Metrodome, by the far superior and I hate to say it (not the biggest Jimmy J. fan) but he was the one and Jerry J. was a the owner of two thumpings by the dreaded America’s Team, one a 52-? at Pasadena and one by not quite as much but still desisive victory at Hot Lanta (That would cover the 1993 and 1994 boring Super Bowls over the now tiring Bills, who went the way of yes, my 0-4 Vikings; Len Dawson overcame Joe Kapp in 1970, but Fran Tarkenton was reduced to a mere mortal, by the Dolphins, Steelers and Raiders. 0-4 is 0-4.

    However, you’re talking ab0ut the famous, Whitney Houston lipsink anthem she performed before the troops at Tampa during the George H.W. Bush (Paterno

  2. RobertGKramer@AOL.Com

    So far the proposed AJ for DH salary swap I like best is to Cleveland for Travis Hafner!

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