Yanks have “bonding” day today

It’s a half-day workout for the Yanks today. They are taking the other half of the day off to have their outing. In past years, they went to an arcade, shot pool, or have gone bowling. It’s a day of friendship, fun, and bonding…especially for the new team members, such as Kuroda, Pineda and Ibanez, as well as the top prospects who may get a midseason callup. No word as to what the Yanks will do this year.

Meanwhile, check out this article by Mike Vaccaro of the NY Post. The same bluster that New England fans hate in Rex Ryan they have to put up with in Bobby V.

Update: I forgot to mention, best wishes to A.J. Burnett, struck in the eye by a batted ball during a bunting drill yesterday. Hopefully everything is OK. You may have wanted him gone from NY (and he is now with the Pirates) but no one wants to see anyone get hurt—especially when something like his vision could be affected. That’s scary.

Update II: Terrible luck for A.J. Burnett; out with a broken orbital bone around his right eye.


One response to “Yanks have “bonding” day today

  1. RobertGKramer@AOL.Com

    When will the NL take those dangerous 30 some inch wooden objects out of the hands of pitchers?

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