Yanks off today. Cuts?

The Yanks have today off, but it remains to be seen if Girardi and his staff will use today to make more cuts.

Recovering from March Madness? I squeaked one out when Kansas somehow came back after losing all game long. I picked them to lose to Kentucky for the championship. The last six times KY won the NCAA tournament (1949, ’51, ’58, ’78, ’96 and ’98), the Yankees won the World Series. Any questions why I picked KY to win this year? Hopefully the correlation continues. I picked 12 of the Sweet 16 right, have all of my Final Four still intact, and just one of my Elite 8 (Missouri) has been KO’d.

Not good news for the Phillies. Jon Heyman of CBS reports that Chase Utley, who hasn’t played at all for the Phils this spring so far, has left camp to get his knee evaluated by a specialist. With Ryan Howard still recovering from a torn Achilles, and his return date uncertain, this is one team possibly scrambling for infielders (they are actually considering using 42 year old Jim Thome at 1B for some games—Thome has played something like three games in the field in the last five years). Halladay, Lee and Hamels may have extra pressure on them…

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