No suspense in ASG. NL gets 5 in first, wins 8-0.

Justin Verlander gave up five runs in the first, and the AL were down 5-0 before they came to bat. Melky Cabrera hit a HR for the NL as they won 8-0.

The AL only got six hits, and two were by the Yankees. Jeter and Cano each went 1 for 2, Granderson 0 for 2.

KC fans were once again classless in their treatment of Cano. How classless? From Twitter:

Daniel Barbarisi@DanBarbarisi

Cano said people were yelling things at his family when they went to the bathroom. Cano was not pleased.

Billy Butler is a nice player who has never hit 25 HR in a season. If not for the rule that each team (no matter how lousy) has to have a rep in the All-Star Game, he may or may not be an All-Star, and of course MLB wants to avoid the embarrassment of the hosting team having no All-Star of its own to showcase. Butler has had a nice year so far. But really. Butler over Bautista or say, Fielder in the Home Run Derby? Who, outside of KC, is going to tune in to that? I mean, say it’s 1958. Who do you want to see in a home run derby, Bob Cerv or Mickey Mantle? Get real, KC.

The win ensures home field in the WS for the NL pennant winner for the third straight year.

The MVP of the game was Melky Cabrera. What Yankees fan would have thought that a few years ago? Congrats, Melky.

KC fans could only wish he were still a Royal.


One response to “No suspense in ASG. NL gets 5 in first, wins 8-0.

  1. The top 3 finishers in the HR Derby were the players chosen by Cano. The only AL representative not in the final was Cano himself. I think the orchestrated booing of Cano was not just classless, but bizarre and unsettling.

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