Yankees in rough waters.

Yes, they still have a 3 1/2 game lead over the Orioles, four over the Rays. But a big stretch looms. A stretch in which the Yankees play 13 games in 17 days against the Rays and Orioles.

How much of that will be without Mark Teixeira?

Teixeira strained a calf muscle last night. He will be out at least a week, perhaps two.

Meanwhile, the Yanks look like they will be facing a lot of lefty pitching in the next couple of weeks. Price and Moore for the Rays, Lester up in Boston. Heck, the Orioles went out and got Joe Saunders.  You can bet he and Chen will be matched up to go against the Yanks. Teix’s bat will be missed, esp. from the right side. Heck, A-Rod isn’t due back for a few weeks. Who knew that just acquired Steve Pearce may have to give them key hits and a righty bat?

That’s the way the season has gone for the Yankees. Mo for only five saves. Gardner for only nine games. D-Rob out a month. Joba still trying to get back to where he was. A-Rod out six weeks. Pettitte surprisingly coming back, then out six weeks. No Pineda. Missed starts from CC and Nova…

No one will feel sorry for you. They have problems of their own.

But Andy and Alex won’t be back for a couple weeks, now Teix.

Can the Yanks hold on?

The Orioles are 11 games better than their Pythagorean record. 11. Buck for mgr. of the year? It seems like it should be a lock.

Meanwhile, Rafael Soriano’s bad side showed up after he blew it last night. You don’t need that down the stretch. Learn from Mo, Sori. Be accountable. Grow up.


2 responses to “Yankees in rough waters.

  1. RobertGKramer@AOL.Com

    I wonder if Soriano was 100% after taking a batted ball off of his glove/pitching hand Sunday night?

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