WS Game 3. Giants one win away.

In 1966, the L.A. Dodgers scored two runs in the third inning of Game 1. They were the only runs they scored in the entire series, as the Orioles shut them out in Games 2, 3 and 4.

No team was shut out in consecutive games… until last night.

The S.F. Giants shut out Detroit again, 2-0, to take a commanding 3 games to nothing lead in the World Series, and have Matt Cain on the mound tonight.

Both runs scored in the second. Hunter Pence walked, stole second on a K and advanced to third on a WP. Gregor Blanco tripled in a run and after another strikeout, Brandon Crawford singled in Blanco.

Should they get one more win, it would be the second title for San Francisco in three years… and 2010 was the first ever for the city.

In Yankees news, CC had his bone spur surgery and should be OK for spring training (X–fingers crossed). Meanwhile can the GOAT (Greatest of All Time)’s career be over? Reports are that Mariano Rivera, 43 next month, is having second thoughts about coming back after his ACL surgery.

Not only that, Mo’s contact is up. You want to show respect for the great Rivera, but how much would you pay a 43 year old who missed most of 2012 and who is coming off ACL surgery? Surely not the $15MM he made last year, but how much? Especially when you are trying to cut 10% off your budget to get under the cap in 2014? (Granted we are only talking 2013 for Mo here, but…).

Michael Pineda, coming off shoulder surgery, isn’t expected to be with the Yanks until midseason 2013.



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