Gold Gloves to Teixeira, Cano

Mark Teixeira (his fifth) and Robbie Cano (his second) were the Yankees to win 2012 Gold Glove awards. Here is the complete list. Three Orioles won the award.

C Wieters, Orioles
1B Teixeira Yankees
2B Cano Yankees
SS Hardy Orioles
3B Beltre Rangers
LF Gordon Royals
CF Jones Orioles
RF Reddick A’s
P Hellickson Rays/Peavy White Sox (TIE)

C Y. Molina Cardinals
1B LaRoche Nationals
2B Barney Cubs
SS Rollins Phillies
3B Headley Padres
LF C. Gonzalez Rockies
CF McCutchen Pirates
RF Heyward Braves
P Buehrle  Marlins


One response to “Gold Gloves to Teixeira, Cano

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