Agent: Ichiro prefers Yankees.

Ichiro Suzuki’s agent came out this week saying that Ichiro prefers to stay with the Yankees. Ichiro had a bit of a resurgence once he put on the pinstripes.

My feelings are mixed. I love Ichiro. He’s always been one of my favorite (if not my #1 favorite) non-Yankees players. I wouldn’t mind him back in the least.


I don’t feel comfortable with a team that may have a 39 (in June) year old starting SS (Jeter), a 38 year old (July) starting 3B (A-Rod), a 39 year old starting OF (Ichiro), a 41 year old (June) starting DH (Ibanez), a 35 year old utility infielder (Chavez), a 38 (Feb). year old starter (Kuroda), a 41 (June) year old starter (Pettitte) and a 43 year old (this week) closer (Mo.)

Do you?


One response to “Agent: Ichiro prefers Yankees.

  1. Mike you are right on target about the Yankees age situation. Thinking back, how many years ago wasn’t an aging team an issue with the Yanks? Victorino & Shoo would be fast & younger upgrades for the team. I’m hopeing for some type of trade for Granderson & his “K’s”. Maybe spring training will produce a pitcher or position player who will come out of nowhere, make the team & contribute all season. Now wouldn’t that be a welcomed surprise.

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