Yankees interested in Victorino, Miller dies, Keppinger injury

The Yanks are supposedly interested in Shane Victorino. I’d applaud this move (see my post of a few days ago). He’s seven years younger than Ichiro, has three Gold Gloves of his own, and provides speed like Ichiro (39). I love Ichiro, but how old of a team do you want?

Marvin Miller died today at the age of 95. It is a shame he isn’t in the HOF yet, but that could be because of the owners. Maybe also some writers with a grudge. One thing is for certain. Any player who doesn’t attend his funeral, send flowers, send condolences or give money to Miller’s charity is an ungrateful POS. Miller was the great emancipator for the players. He fought for their rights, gave them free agency and made them millionaires. Every player owes PLENTY to Marvin Miller.

Jeff Keppinger, who the Yanks have been interested in as a utility man for quite some time (and probably still are), and who hit .325 last year, and who has a .288 career B.A., fractured a fibula in an accident recently. He should still be good for spring training, but you wonder if it will scare off some teams.


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