More off the board.

So Shane Victorino, who I would have liked for RF (to replace Swisher, and in place of the aging Ichiro) is off the board, having gone to Boston as a free agent.

It does mean that Cody Ross, who hit .267-22-81, OPS+ 113 for Boston last year is available. The righty hitter could be a match for the Yanks for RF now. For his career, the 32 (soon) year old has a 162 g. ave. of .262-22-83, OPS+ 107… numbers similar to Swisher. In the postseason, he’s .294-5-10 in 51 AB. Do the Yanks pursue Ross, now?

I also wanted Joakim Soria, in part to replace Soriano, but Soria is off to Texas.

There isn’t too much more I wanted. Of those out there I was interested in, only Jeff Keppinger makes sense. He would be a better utility man than Nix, and could platoon with Chavez at 3B until A-Rod comes back.

With Jeter’s injury (will he be ready for Opening Day?), Keppinger would be insurance there.

You wonder about Nunez. If they won’t use him in a utility role, is he trade bait?


2 responses to “More off the board.

  1. If it seems like Mesa has been around the Yankee farm system forever, it’s because he has. A lot of players have come and gone since he made his Rookie League debut in 2006, and Mesa found himself on the Yankee bench to end 2012 after going 20-20 across the top 2 MiL levels. My conspiracy theory about Mesa taking Andruw Jones ‘ roster spot didn’t pan out this year, but that bench spot is one that still needs to be filled for 2013 and Mesa’s skill set should make him a prime candidate if he has a strong spring. He has power, speed, and plus defensive skills, all things that translate well to a 4th outfielder role, and like Mustelier he’s getting a little long in the MiL tooth (turns 26 at the end of January).

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