Strange Bedfellows?

Ok, for years I’ve HATED Kevin Youkilis and now the Yanks offer him a one-year deal?

Ok, I understand the logic. Chavez is gone, and Youk could play 3B and backup 1B. Youkilis is a good 3b and an excellent 1B. He draws walks, is patient and is a great fill-in until A-Rod returns. What the hell, he may as well STAY at 3b when Alex returns. Alex could DH. Youk can also backup Teix when Alex returns, DH or go to a corner OF position.

But it’s YOUK. F-Youk if you want to go there. How he can fit on a team with Joba boggles my mind.

But necessity yields strange bedfellows. Should he come to the Yankees I’ll have to root for him.

But as with Yankees in the past (Reggie and Clemens to name two) I won’t like it.

Not one bit.


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