Happy New Year! Things are quiet….

As we usher in the New Year of 2013, things have been quiet in Yankeeland.

There are no hot rumors of trades or signings as we still wonder who will be the Yanks’ catcher and DH in 2013, not to mention who’ll fill out the bench.

A couple aging Hall-of-Famers are coming off major injuries (Jeter, Rivera) and another (?; steroid abuse, Alex) will miss half the year if not more because of an operation.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of free agents still available. None of the major ones really fit the Yankees needs, and with the Yanks cutting back on spending, the $$$ isn’t there for them.

Michael Bourn, Kyle Lohse and Rafael Soriano are still out there. Soriano could be a fit, only because he went 2-1, 2.26 with 42 saves in filling in for the injured Rivera last year. But Soriano probably wouldn’t want to go back to the setup role he was unhappily doing in 2011. But after a strong year, it’s interesting that he opted out and still is unsigned.

Boston has been talking to Adam LaRoche, since the Napoli deal may fall through.

Shaun Marcum and Joe Saunders are out there. So are Jose Valverde and Delmon Young.

Young is a righty bat, which the Yanks could use, and a .284 hitter. He was the ALCS MVP vs. the Yanks last year. Although his 162 g. average is .284-16-89, his OPS+ is just 98 due to a poor BB/K ratio. (27/115).

There is still Scott Hairston. There’s Thome or Berkman.

There’s …. (fill in the blank).

But it appears the Yanks are “dumpster-diving.” Who they pick up between now and the start of spring training (and it’s getting closer), who knows?

As of now, who will  be the C, DH or bench?

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate has gone up 2%… and that’s just from all the NFL coaches and GMs being fired. Black Monday indeed.



One response to “Happy New Year! Things are quiet….

  1. Hello
    Just wanted to say that maybe the Yanks policy of sitting back and waiting, cutting down payroll and generally being more cautious is not a bad thing in the long run. For too many years the Yanks have OVERPAID for talent, both internally and externally. The rest of the league has ‘held’ out for more in trades and negotiations knowing that the Yanks would eventually pay up. Yes it has been a fun run and since 96 we have won 6 World Series and been in the play-offs 15 of 16 times, but they have also paid out over 200 mill in luxury tax that has not been used to improve the league and create more parity.

    Partially it is their own fault (I mean why didn’t they just let Alex go when he opted out, thank god they let Soriano go) as well as some other bad contracts through the years, has put them in a bad position. If they want to show some fiscal responsibility and take a couple of years to fix this, it might not be a bad thing in the long run.

    One important part of this though will be to show us fans that they are also thinking about us. Lower ticket costs and make it easier and cheaper to go to the stadium and I can live with ‘rebuilding’.

    They have to break this trend of paying through the nose for everything. It is how they do that will decide if it is the right thing or the wrong thing.

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