BBWAA elects no one this year….

So we see the effects of PED allegations. No one, not the greatest HR hitter in history (Bonds), a 7x CYA winner who won 354 games, an MVP and is one of the greatest pitchers ever (Clemens), a player with 609 HR (Sosa), another with 583 (McGwire), another who may be the greatest hitting catcher ever (Piazza), two big-game pitchers (Morris and Schilling), a perfect game pitcher with over 200 wins (Wells), a 2x MVP (Murphy), probably the second greatest leadoff man ever (Raines), a player with 3000 hits and 569 HR (Palmeiro)  and two other players with over 400 HR (McGriff and Bagwell) did not get the 75% to make it into the Hall of Fame.

There are other worthy players (Bernie Williams, Don Mattingly and Alan Trammell for instance) but NO ONE got the 75% to make it in.

To show you how much the writers took alleged PED usage into account, if you added the vote totals of Bonds AND Clemens, it STILL would be short of the 75% needed to make it into the HOF.

Personally, if someone had a WHIFF of PED suspicion attached to their name, I would NOT vote for them.

Craig Biggio, who I did NOT list above, and who had over 3000 hits, over 400 SB and almost 300 HR, got the highest vote total, 68% of the vote. He fell 39 votes short (You must get 75%, NO rounding up).

David Wells and Bernie Williams didn’t get the 5% to remain on the ballot. They drop off.

Next year, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine (both 300+ winners), Frank Thomas (521 HR) and Mike Mussina (270 wins) come onto the ballot. I think Maddux, Glavine and possibly Thomas get in. Mussina deserves it (in my opinion) but will have to wait a few years.

As for the people on this ballot that didn’t get in, maybe someone like Biggio or Raines gets in in the future.

But not today.

It’s hard for the BBWAA to try and sift through guesstimates of who used and who didn’t.

But if someone has a whiff of suspicion attached to them, I say keep them out.

One other thing… if someone is voted in who is proven years later to have taken PED’s?

Eject them. There no law saying that once in, you are always in.

If found out later to have taken PED’s, treat them like the opening of the old TV show Branded.

Kick them out.


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