Soriano goes to Nats.

Rafael Soriano saved the Yanks’ bacon last year by saving 42 games after Mo went down. He has now gone to Washington for a $28 MM, 2 yr deal. No way the Yanks were giving him that, esp. since they are giving Mo $10 MM to close in what will probably be his final season.

Having written that, I really like the Nationals chances to win the WS this year. Heck, they don’t have any room for Michael Morse (who would look nice as the Yanks’ DH this year). Harper gains another year’s experience, the kid gloves are off Strasburg, you have Gio Gonzalez, LaRoche is back, as is Ryan Zimmerman, Werth moves back to RF, they picked up Span, and have a closing trio of Clippard, Storen and Soriano.

Could Washington see its first WS since 1933?

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