Stan the Man, 1920-2013

Hours after the HOF lost Earl Weaver, another HOF member passed away.

One of the greatest hitters of all-time, Stan Musial, died at the age of 92.

Sadly overshadowed by Ted Williams and Joe D. for a portion of his career, there is no doubt that Musial deserved to be in their company.

Musial ended his career with 3630 hits. Ironically, exactly 1515 were at home & 1515 on the road.

He had a .331 lifetime batting average with 475 HR. He won 3 MVP awards (1943, 1946 and 1948). Besides winning the MVP 3x, he was the runner-up for the award 4x, from 1949-1951 and then again in 1957. So 7x he was #1 or #2 for the MVP award.

Fourteen times, he finished in the top 10 for the MVP award. Fourteen times.

His 162 g. average was .331-25-104 with an OPS+ of 159.

He finished 25 HR short of 500. Had he not lost 1945 due to military service, who knows?

He led his league in B.A 7x. RBI 2x. Runs scored 5x. 6x in hits. 8x in doubles, 5x in triples. Ironically, never in HR. He led in RBI 2x.

Six times he led in OBP. 6x in Slugging average. 7x in OPS, 6x in OPS+.

6x in total bases.

He played in 4 WS, 1942-1946. It’s sad that he was not able to be in the postseason 1947-1963. He won 3 WS and lost 1. (Won 42-44-46 and lost 43).

In postseason play (WS), he hit .256-1-8 in 23 games.

In 1962, Musial, at the age of 41, had a great year (.330-19-82) in the next-to-last year of his career. After the season was over, President Kennedy, just three years older than Musial, remarked “they thought that I was too young for my job and that you were too young for yours. I guess we both fooled them.”

Musial was an accomplished harmonica player who would play various tunes in the clubhouse to loosen up his teammates. He was the Cards’ GM when they won the 1967 WS.

To show you how much baseball has changed, Musial NEVER made $100K in a season. The most he ever made was $75K in the early 1950s.

Very underpaid.

His HOF monitor is 454. Likely HOF 100.

HOF Standards 76. Likely HOF 50.

It’s no surprise that he was inducted on the first ballot in 1969.

JAWS ranks Musial as the 3rd greatest RF ever, after Ruth and Aaron.

That is not bad indeed.

The usual black ink for a HOF is 27. Musial’s was a 116.

Grey Ink (Black ink means he led the league. Grey ink means top 10). 390. A likely HOF is 144.

Hall of Fame Monitor. Likely HOF 100. Stan was a 454.

HOF standards. Likely HOF 50. Stan 76.

He kicked ass.

RIP Stan. One of the greatest ever.

It is fair to argue which #6 was the greatest ever. Musial or Bill Russell.

Russell had more rings.

But it is a great argument.


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