Can Yanks dump Alex? Yanks looking at Hafner

Joel Sherman today reported that the Yanks’ brass (and some of his teammates) have had it with A-Rod. As I stated yesterday, if A-Rod did dope it up AFTER his mea culpa in the spring of 2009, then he is a bigger dumb-ass than we thought.

He is too big of a distraction. Not only this, but the hitting on a model in the middle of a playoff game… the Yanks are looking for ANY reason they can find to void the $114 MM and 5 years left on his deal. They’ve had enough.

I can say that if he’s gone, good riddance. Especially if it helps them get under the cap.

Meanwhile, the Yanks are supposedly interested in Travis “Pronk” Hafner of the Indians to fill the DH role. Hafner will be 36 next June. He hit .228-12-34 OPS+ 121 in 2012 in 66 games. His lefty bat plays well in Yankee Stadium, but Hafner has not played the field since 2007. Since 2007, Hafner has averaged just 86 games a season, .259-12-43, OPS+ 117. His 162 g. ave for his career is .278-30-102, OPS+ 137 (great) but he never plays. I mean, 86 g. a year since 2007?

Hafner did finish 5th & 8th in MVP voting in 2005 & 2006 but that seems so long ago.

Hafner has been compared to Fred Flintstone in the way he looks and runs. I wonder, should he join the Yankees, if John Sterling’s HR call will be “Yabba Dabba Doo!”.


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