Did a stress fracture give way?

What happened to cause Derek Jeter’s broken ankle is the conjecture today. Jeter mentioned that a bone bruise led to a stress fracture that finally split apart. When asked about it, neither GM Brian Cashman or Manager Joe Girardi knew anything about a stress fracture. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jeter did have a stress fracture and continued to play on it until it gave way.

Mariano Rivera dropped hints that if he were able to make it back from his ACL tear to pitch in last year’s postseason that he probably would have ten retired. Is this a precursor to his thinking now? Will 2013 be it for the 43 year old Rivera? Mo is the last player left who was born in the 1960s.

Finally, country singer Mindy McCready committed suicide yesterday. I’m not a big country fan and don’t know her music. But she made headlines years ago by admitting that she had an affair with the married (and still married) Roger Clemens when she was still a teenager. Clemens denies it, but Clemens has been denying lots of things. The thing with Roger is, what do you believe?


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