S.T. Game 2. Yanks lose game, Granderson.

How quickly things change.

The Yankees opened the home part of their exhibition season with a lineup of regulars, save for recuperating Derek Jeter (who is expected to get into a game as a DH around March 10th). They also started the experiment of Granderson in LF and Gardner in CF.

So much for the experiment. In the bottom of the first, Granderson was HBP in his first at bat of spring training. The pitch broke a bone in his forearm and Granderson, who despite hitting just .232 last year with 195 strikeouts did hit 43 HR with 106 RBI, is out until probably the end of May. They are saying 10 weeks. Give another two weeks of rehab and we are looking at something close to Memorial Day.

A-Rod out for at least 1/2 the year, maybe all year. Granderson out for 1/3 of this year. Swisher gone to Cleveland, Ibanez to Seattle and Martin to Pittsburgh. Chavez to Arizona. That’s 125 HR either gone to another team or out for a considerable time. 125.

Ugh. This lineup could start to resemble those early 1970s lineups that had nothing past Roy White, Thurman Munson and Bobby Murcer.

As for today’s game, the Yanks got 11 hits and pitched well, but left 13 on in losing to Toronto 2-0.

Kevin Youkilis made his debut in pinstripes and went 0 for 2. He hit the ball hard, and almost had a grand slam in his first at bat.

All hits were singles except for a Travis Hafner double.

Adam Warren pitched two scoreless innings. He was 7-8, 3.71 for AAA last year. He did have one start for the Yanks last year, going 0-0, 23.14 (6 R in 2 1/3).

Cody Eppley took the loss, giving up one run in one inning. Matt Daley (1), Francisco Rondon (1 1/3) and Preston Claiborne (1 2/3) combined for four scoreless innings. Juan Cedeno gave up a run in his inning of work and Jim Miller finished up with a scoreless inning.

But forget the game score loss. The loss of Granderson hurts far more. It opens the door up for a vet (Diaz/Rivera) or a youngster (Mesa/Almonte).

That or Cashman will have to work the phones.


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