Desperate Damon calls on Yanks

Johnny Damon is sitting on 2769 hits, 231 away from 3000. He’s also out of a job right now.

Damon, 39, stated that if the Yanks are interested, he’d fill in while Granderson is out, and at the minimum salary, too.

The Yanks aren’t interested, nor should they be. His defensive skills have diminished, his throwing arm wasn’t that good to begin with, he doesn’t add any youth to a team that already is being thought of as too old, and he’s coming off a bad year.

Last year, Damon hit just .222-4-19, OPS+ 73 in 64 games with Cleveland before being released. He did go 4 for 4 in SB.

After leaving the Yanks after 2009, Damon had a couple decent years for the Tigers in 2010 (OPS+ 105) and Tampa Bay in 2011 (OPS+ 109) but last year was a warning sign.

Maybe someone will pick him up (and there’s other big names, like Jim Thome, out there too). I cannot conceivably see Damon getting the 231 hits he needs for 3000, and a possible HOF induction. I don’t blame the career .284 hitter (with 235 HR and 408 SB, OPS+ 104) for asking around.

But the Yanks should just say no.

2 responses to “Desperate Damon calls on Yanks

  1. Damon is a free agent, picked up by no one so far. He was released by Cleveland last year.

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