A-Rod suspension looming?

One article I’m reading in my local paper, the story coming from The Sports Xchange, states that A-Rod is mulling a deal on a ban.

The story states that he could face a lifetime ban but that MLB is offering a deal to soften the ban. The “softening”: a suspension for the rest of this year and ALL of 2014. Which, let’s face it, would basically be a lifetime ban.

For if A-Rod did decide to try to return in 2015, it would be after two major hip surgeries, two complete years out of the majors, and at the age of 39 1/2.

Of course, Alex may still try it. He is 99 hits from 3000, 14 HR from passing Willie Mays on the all-time list and 50 RBI from 2000. He may want those numbers.

It is looking more and more like he won’t get them, or various bonuses tied with some of them.

According to the article, MLB wants A-Rod to respond to its offer TODAY.

By accepting the ban, A-Rod would still be able to make $60MM from 2015-2017, the last three years of his deal.

According to the article, if A-Rod rejects the deal, and MLB suspends him for life, he loses out on that $$.

One source states that if there is a suspension, Alex will fight it.

An announcement could be coming today or tomorrow.

Joel Sherman of the NY Post was on ESPN, stating that he thinks Alex would fight it and appeal, which would lead to the possibility of a banned Alex Rodriguez playing for the Yanks while fighting MLB on appeal from a lengthy suspension. Hoo-boy. As if he wasn’t a big enough distraction already.

MLB wants to announce suspensions for him and others this week.


3 responses to “A-Rod suspension looming?

  1. Now I’m not an A-Rod lover (or hater for that matter) but WHY is he facing this year and next and maybe lifetime, while Braun gets 65 games and a commendation from MLB. If A-Rod is guilty he should be suspended but why all of this drama, and its not from A-Rod’s side. MLB has been leaking info and prancing about in the media. If you have info suspend him for 50. Stop trying to clear Selig’s steriod legacy (McQuire and Sosa we all remember made the game profitable again). This is !”#¤% on all sides.

    • From what I’ve read, a couple reasons: 1) he invited others, who may get a suspension themselves, to Biogenesis. 2) he obstructed and tried to destroy evidence. 3) he lied to MLB about it. Those are some reasons in addition to using himself.

    • Obstruction, and possibly recruiting others into Biogenesis. Long time use that MLB apparently has records of. In SI there is a quote by a former teammate who states, in his opinion, knowing what he does now, that he doesn’t think A-Rod spent one day clean in the majors, going back to when he was a 19 year old rookie. I’m tired of the B.S., would like to see the game cleaned up and wouldn’t mind a lifetime ban on the FIRST offense.

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