Game 123. Yanks beat Boston 9-6.

CC wasn’t good again, but he did get the win in a game the Yanks won 9-6.

CC gave up two in the first, then some fireworks started because Ryan Dempster’s first pitch was behind A-Rod’s knees. The next two were inside, and then on a 3-0 pitch, it seemed like Dempster’s attitude was, “I’m probably gonna walk him anyway, so I might as well drill him.”
Which is what he did, and it was obvious that he was throwing at A-Rod.

Which I have no problem with. Quite frankly, I’d like the ground to open up and swallow A-Rod whole. He’s been an embarrassment to baseball, to other players and to the Yankees. His recent accusations, by his lawyers, seem to be throwing the whole organization under the bus to save his own skin. As Yankees’ president Randy Levine stated, the only thing A-Rod HASN’T done is talk about his own innocence or guilt in the Biogenesis case. He’s been making conspiracy talk, saying that the Yanks and MLB want him off the field, talk about them saving $, talk against the trainers and medical staff, etc. Cashman states that with the situation being litigious between the Yanks and A-Rod, he feels uncomfortable saying anything around Alex other than “hello” and “goodbye.” It’s a nasty situation that is getting worse.

So do I have a problem with someone on the other team throwing at someone who they believe is a cheater? Who is playing while appealing a 211-game suspension? No.

What I have a problem with is how the umpire handled it. By giving Dempster a warning, then warning the Boston bench and the Yankees bench. Why warn the Yankees? They didn’t do anything. Now you basically tell CC he can’t pitch inside? Why? What did HE do wrong?

The ump should have 1) ejected Dempster on the spot or 2) done nothing, let CC get some revenge and then AFTER CC gets revenge (like hopefully hitting Big Fatty on his big ass) giving warnings to both teams.

Warning a team that did nothing wrong was wrong. Girardi vehemently and righteously argued, and was tossed. But for Dempster to stay in the game and for the Yanks to be warned as well as Boston, when the Yanks didn’t do anything wrong, was incorrect. Baseball needs to change the rulebook or re-educate some umpires.

One other thing. David Ortiz’ name came up in that list of 2003 people. He had a press conference to say he got some bad supplements at a GNC or something. Yeah, right. He was nothing special before coming to Boston and buddying up with Manny Ramirez. I’m just saying that Big Papi isn’t exactly innocent. Yet ESPN and Fox and other announcers (not to mention Boston fans) give him a pass and never mention that his name was leaked off of that “secret” 2003 list. Why?

Having said that, I’m not defending A-Rod. I wouldn’t mind if all those caught got plunked in the ass. Cervelli, Peralta, Cruz, all of them.

After the HBP, Granderson doubled and Nunez singled in a run. Overbay tied it up with a SF.

A-Rod drove one in with a groundout in the third to put the Yanks up 3-2, but CC gave it right back in the third and gave up two more in the fourth. Then he gave up another run in the fifth. Awful.

Yes, CC was awful, but got the win. 5 1/3, 6 R, 7 H, 5 walks and 5 K. His line goes to 11-10, 4.83.

The Yanks came back from 6-3 down to go up 7-6 in the sixth by scoring four runs. A-Rod got his revenge on Dempster, hitting #649* (asterisk intended). Gardner had the big hit of the game, a bases-loaded triple.

An RBI single by Mark Reynolds in the seventh made it 8-6.

Shawn Kelley 2/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 1 K. 3.40.

Logan the 7th. 1 IP,  0 R, 0 H, 1 walk and 1 K. 2.86.

Robertson the 8th. 1 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks and 3 K. 1.74.

The Yanks tacked on a run in the 9th on an RBI single by Stewart.

Besides Alex, three other Yankees were plunked tonight.

Mo the 9th. Save #36, #644 of his career. 1 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 walk and 0 K. 2.38.

God, is Boston f/ugly with those beards. Ugh. You’d never see Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio looking like that. He had class, right down to his impeccable grooming. Get a razor, Boston.

The Yanks banged out 17 hits. Gardner had 2, with 3 RBI. Cano had 3. A-Rod was 3 for 4, 2 RBI. Nunez was 3 for 3 with an rbi. Ironically, Soriano was 0 for 6.


3 responses to “Game 123. Yanks beat Boston 9-6.

  1. Sorry Mike gotta disagee with you. Dempster plunking A-Rod should cause him to be suspended. He is taking the law into his own hands. Yes A-Rod is a crappy crappy role model, The crowd at Fenway was wild with excitement at someone trying to hurt another human being, is this what we should be teaching children that watch the sport? I do not think so. There is a set of rules and A-Rod has filed a grievance, yes his crimes are ‘probably’ large and justify a suspension but it is up to MLB to sanction him not individuals. How many pitchers have appealed their suspensions for minor things due to an important series then accepted the suspension afterwards. How come this PED agreement is in the collective bargaining agreement? Because the PLAYERS UNION (the majority of players) fought for it. MLB turned a blind eye on PEDS for too long and the players turned a blind eye for too long, now they are going to be self righteous? Its ridiculous. Does Dempster throw at Ortiz during BP? What happens when Cruz comes back to Texas after 50 games, should every pitcher in the post season throw at him? Should Willie Mays’ records be discarded because he admitted taking aphetimines during the season? This is a complicated issue and Dempster and anyone who supports him just adds to the stupidity that has gone on too long. I would have more respect for players if they stood up and said, “Yes we turned a blind eye to this behavior, it earned us money and fame BUT now we see the danger of it and must do everything to clean up the sport” Then the next collective bargaining agreement would ban for life anyone caught using PEDS or whatever for life as well as banning agents that support this and fine or force owners to sell their team if they know of usage and don’t put a stop to it immediately. Selig knew Sosa and McGurire were juiced. he Yanks knew Giambi was doing something and the list of faults is long and widespread. Instead of blaming A-Rod and making him the focus of evil everyone in baseball should look at themselves and try to clean up home Instead of having small useless histrionics like hitting a egotistical a-hole like A-Rod as the solution to the problem.

    Sorry but this has been building up and I am tired of everyone especially MLB trying to make A-Rod the axis of evil for tsomething that ALL parties have known and let go for too long!!

    • I have to admit, if I were on the mound, and I found out that someone who “owned” me did it through cheating, thereby putting my career in jeopardy (sent to minors, loss of income), I’d throw at him too. I can understand your opinion, but I’m old school in that I wouldn’t mind first time offenders getting the boot right away. Should Dempster be suspended? Yeah. But he probably thinks it was justified, as I probably would if I did it. Of course I wouldn’t head-hunt. That I don’t agree with. But putting a fastball into someone’s butt? Hey… I have no problem with that. I’d like the Yanks to win, but am embarrassed that A-Rod is on the field while appealing the suspension. If he contributes, I feel that it’s a “dirty” win, and I hate that feeling. I do understand and blame the union for the rules letting him play while being suspended and I am aware of the history of people “putting off their suspensions” while appealing. I don’t like that either. It seems that the only people who CAN punish the offenders are the BBWAA who, by giving Bonds, Clemens, Palmeiro, Sosa, McGwire, etc. such low percentages on the HOF ballot, are the only ones dealing the proper punishments.

  2. Hey Mike
    I do see your point and I guess I am reacting to the venom against A-Rod and almost none against the others. Back when the Mitchell report came out it pointed glaringly to A-Rod and just mentioned Ortiz. The writers hounded A-Rod and basically gave Ortiz a pass, Manny was never attacked this way. MLB ‘leaked’ just a few names and his was the biggie.Johnny Damon also came out and said that the WS wins in 2004 and 2008 were tainted, but it didn’t make big news. The Baseball writiers have to have a more even coverage of this issue. Love the blog and keep it going

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