Game 148. “Salt” in the wound. Slam beats Yanks 8-4.

The Yanks’ struggles with Boston continued last night as Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s 7th-inning grand slam beat the Yanks 8-4.

The Yanks are 6-11 vs. Boston this season.

Hiroki Kuroda (L, 11-11, 3.13, deserves a much better record) started and didn’t have it, giving up four runs in the bottom of the first and working his way out of a bases-loaded jam in the second.

Robbie Cano actually bunted against the shift in the bottom of the first and got a double out of it. How I loved seeing the replay on that.

Kuroda went 6+, 5 R, 8 H, 2 walks and 2 K.

The Yanks fought back to tie it up. Light-hitting SS Brendan Ryan, just picked up from Seattle a few days ago, hit his 4th HR of the year to make it 4-1 in the third.

A SF by Overbay cut it to 4-2 in the sixth and Cano’s 2-run double (he was 4 for 4 with 3 doubles) tied it up in the top of the seventh.

Shane Victorino hit a single to start things off for Boston in the bottom of the 7th. A better 3B may have had it. But Nunez was at 3B. Here is where Girardi could be second-guessed for playing Nunez out of position (and Nunez isn’t that great at his regular position, SS).

I was wondering why Reynolds wasn’t at 3B. Esp. since he is more of a threat to hit one over the Green Monster than Nunez is. Not only that, Reynolds is streaky and had just hit 2 HR down in Baltimore. You know what it is like when a streaky HR hitter gets hot. Ride the hot hand. Maybe Reynolds makes the play.

Anyway, Cabral comes in to face Ortiz. Who’d have thought that a rookie, who just made his MLB debut a few weeks ago, would be facing Big Papi in a key spot at this point of the season? Anyway, with Logan unavailable, here you are. He plunked Ortiz.

Claiborne, another rookie, came in and yielded a walk to load the bases before getting a strikeout. But then Saltalamacchia hit a grand slam to make it 8-4. Ballgame.

Cabral 0 IP, 0 H, 1 R, 0 walks, 0 K. 1 HBP, 1 batter. 5.40.

Claiborne 1 IP, 2 R, 2 H, 1 walk and 2 K. 4.15.

Claiborne since August 2, 11 games: ERA 10.22. Read that again 10.22. In his last three outings, 8 R in 1 2/3 IP.

Matt Daley finished up. 1 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks and 1 K. 0.00.

Vernon Wells didn’t play last night but a stat to throw at you. Since May 15th, he’s hitting .214-1-24. In 82 games. Just the thought of him being under contract in 2014 shouldn’t make you happy. Him and the aging Ichiro (down to .264)? Ugh.



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