Game 159. Lineup, stats & comments.

It’s a regular lineup, even though the Yanks have been eliminated. The reason is because Tampa Bay is still fighting for something (#1 WC as opposed to #2). No A-Rod. You wonder if he’ll play at all again this year, and when if at all what with that suspension and the resolution of his appeal.

You may see more of a “spring training” lineup in Houston this weekend. Speaking of, there are rumors that Joe Girardi may give Mariano Rivera his one major league dream: to play one inning in CF. That may happen in Houston this weekend. I just hope Mo doesn’t have to run up that damned hill Houston has in CF.

Girardi’s contract is up and you wonder if he’ll be back.

Yanks 82-76, tied for 3rd, 13.5 out in AL East. Eliminated from WC. (They can only reach 86 wins and Cleveland, in the #2 WC position, already has 88; Tampa, #1 WC has 89, Cleveland 88 and Texas 87.)

The Yanks have a winning season. The last time they had a losing season was 1992. It’s just the second time since 1993 that they have been eliminated from the playoffs. (The 1994 strike kept them out of the playoffs. They had the best record in the AL that year).

They are six games BETTER than their Pythagorean record. They have scored 23 runs LESS than they have allowed this season.

OPS+ 89, ERA+ 101. Average is 100. Higher the better.

BA/HR/RBI  SB/total att. OPS+  Comments in italic, team leader bold
significantly subpar bold italic.

Suzuki RF .262-7-35  20/24  77
40 on 10/22. 2740 MLB hits, but do you really want him back in 2014 at $6.5 MM? I don’t, and I LIKE Ichiro.
Nunez 3B .260-3-26  10/13  87    in 86 g.
Cano 2B .315-27-106  7/8   146   Rumors are he asked the Yanks for 10 yrs and $305 MM. No bloody way do I give him that. Better to finish last and use the $$ saved from NOT signing him to build up the farm system. Yanks apparently offered 8 yr., $138MM, and I don’t like that because it takes him to age 38. He turns 31 on 10/22 (same b/day as Ichiro). I would give him 6 years and $120 MM. I think that is more than fair. $20 MM/yr and doesn’t go past age 36. If he don’t like it, let him walk. This could be his last game in pinstripes.
Soriano DH .255-34-101  18/27  112.   406 career HR, one behind Duke Snider on the all-time list. As NYY: 55 g., .256-17-50  8/12  129. 38 next Jan.
Granderson CF .234-7-14  7/8  102.  Just 57 games. Production down and had the two broken bones. Free agent. This could be his last game in pinstripes.
Overbay 1B .241-14-59  1/1  89   37 in January. With Teixeira due back next year, probably his last game as a Yankee. Stopgap this year. 5 for his last 39. 
Almonte LF .258-1-9  3/4  76    Good to see him get a look, esp. now that the Yanks are eliminated. 23 for 89. Beats seeing Wells (who I don’t want back in 2014) out there. Wells .237-11-50, 7/10, 76, turns 35 in Dec. Granted the Angels are picking up $18.6 of his $21 MM salary for 2014, but do you really want Wells back next year? I don’t. Since May 15th, Wells hit .204-1-27 and STILL was batting fifth in the lineup vs. lefties this month! Ugh.  
Ryan SS .201-4-22  4/6  54   As NYY .250-1-1  0/0  82.  11 for 44.
Murphy C  .154-0-0  0/0     2 for 13 in MLB career. May as well look at the kid. He is just 22.

Nova RHP  9-5, 3.13   ERA+ 129

Soon, I’ll be writing about 2014 and the prospects for that year (I don’t like them and think the Yanks are in for a dry spell for a few years). I’ll discuss who I want back and who should go.

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