Game 55. Lineup and observations.

The Yanks face ex-Yankee Phil Hughes today. After last season’s 4-14, Hughes probably won’t get a good hand from the crowd. He did win a ring with the 2009 Yanks, and won 18 games in 2010 and 16 in 2012, so he wasn’t all bad when he was here.

No Teix today. As you probably read in my most recent post, Pineda shut down for a while longer.

Almonte gets a start today.

We begin the second 1/3 of the season today. At the 1/3 mark, the Yanks are 29-25, 2nd in the AL East, 2 1/2 back. If the playoffs started today, they would be the second wild card team and play that one-game playoff at Anaheim. Of course, there is a long way to go.

They are three games better than their Pythagorean record of 26-28. They have given up 10 more runs than they have scored.

OPS+ 98, ERA+ 107 (100 is average)

BA/HR/RBI SB/Total Att. OPS+ Bold-team leader Observations

Brett Gardner LF .285-3-22 13/14 106
Derek Jeter SS .273-1-10 1/1 86
                  3366 career hits (next up, Yaz 3419 and Wagner 3430). Wish there was more power, RBI. Only 7 XBH and only 1 attempt to steal.
Jacoby Ellsbury CF .269-2-22 15/17 102
Brian McCann C  .232-7-24  0/0  85
                 With Teix day-to-day, the Yanks need to get him going.
Yangervis Solarte 3B .299-6-26  0/0  130   
Still continuing to amaze
Ichiro Suzuki RF  .321-0-4  3/4  112   
Just 84 at bats. Wish for more RBI.

Brian Roberts 2B .247-2-11  4/6  90
Kelly Johnson 1B .217-4-14  2/2  91
     No offense to Johnson, but wouldn’t Kendrys Morales at 1B in this lineup, hitting fourth or fifth, make this lineup look much better?  A legit backup to Teix is needed, esp. if Teix can only play 60% of the time because of that wrist. 
Zoilo Almonte DH .188-1-1  1/1   52         Just 16 at bats.  9th game of the year.

RHP Chase Whitley  4th MLB game.  0-0, 2.57 in 14 IP.
Has gone 4 1/3, 4 2/3, and 5. We’ll see how long he can go today. Length a problem. May see Betances and/or Warren today.

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