McCarthy gone to Dodgers

There has been a lot of activity lately at the winter meetings (esp. by the Dodgers, who have picked up Howie Kendrick, Jimmy Rollins and Brandon McCarthy while trading away Matt Kemp and Dee Gordon) but other than Didi Gregorious and Andrew Miller, nothing from the Yanks yet.

…and yes, you read that right above. Now cross Brandon McCarthy off the Yanks’ list. He signed a four-year deal with the Dodgers. McCarthy, 31, went 10-15, 4.05 (ERA+ 94) between Arizona and the Yankees last year. For the Yanks, he was 7-5, 2.89 (ERA+ 134). It was the first time he hit 10 wins or 200 innings pitched in a season.

So Greene and McCarthy are gone. There is no word yet on whether Kuroda is coming back or retiring. As of now, you have Tanaka (and his elbow), Pineda (shoulder), CC (knee and diminishing velocity/effectiveness) and Nova (won’t be back until May or June after TJ surgery). The Yanks still can move Phelps and/or Warren into the rotation. Luis Severino isn’t ready yet, nor do I think is Manny Banuelos. They will need a starter.

Word is, they will NOT be paying a mini-fortune (ok, a WHOLE fortune) for Max Scherzer or James Shields. That leaves pitchers like Ervin Santana and Edinson Volquez that may be more realistic for the Yanks on a one or two-year deal.

Also, the Yanks may still need a closer, and that leaves a one-year deal for someone like Sergio Romo, Rafael Santana or Jason Grilli possible.

Then there is the infield situation. If Chase Headley wants four years, he is probably gone, too. If that is the case, Martin Prado probably plays 3B, A-Rod would be at Dh, and the Yanks go with a rookie—either Jose Pirela or Rob Refsnyder—at 2B.

What it does look like, is that the Yanks (except for the Miller deal), are trying to get away from those long-term deals that are currently tying the team’s hands. So many players have diminishing skills and are tied up for a few more years. We’ll see if they cave in and give a long term deal to someone, but it does appear that they are being scared off of that.

It also seems like they placed all their financial might into last year, getting Ellsbury, Tanaka, McCann and Beltran.

People are blaming Cashman for “doing nothing.” It isn’t HIS budget. He has to make do with whatever budget Hal gives him. Hal isn’t his father.

While Cashman has his positives and negatives, he still has to work with whatever $$$$ Hal Steinbrenner frees up. The question is, how much, if any, has Hal freed up for the 2015 season? What does Cashman have to work with?

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