Game 18. CC drops to 0-4 as Yanks lose 8-2.


I thought this a few weeks ago, and still think it. The biggest problems the Yankees will have this year are CC Sabathia and Carlos Beltran. If I am wrong, I invite both players to prove me wrong. I’ll be happy to be proven wrong, because I believe both players are done.

Beltran, 38, didn’t play today against the Mets, but early reports aren’t good on him. Scouts are not impressed, and the Yanks are on the hook for him not only this year but next year as well for about $15MM next season. As of now, Beltran is .173-0-7, OPS+ 49. He just turned 38 and in 123 games as a Yankee, last year and this year, has posted a line of .226-15-56, OPS+ 92.

CC dropped to 0-4, 5,96 with the loss today, that snapped a four-game Yankees’ winning streak. The Yanks are 10-8 on the season, 10-4 if you take away CC. He gave up 7 R in 5 IP, today, 9 hits, 0 walks, 2 K and 3 HR. One telling play was this: CC has always been a big guy. As a lefty, he falls off the mound toward first base, making covering first base when he needs to, a struggle. After last year’s knee surgery, it is more difficult, and just about impossible from what I have seen so far. If I were another team, I’d push bunts up the first base line on him.

Not only that, but CC’s last really strong performance was in winning Game 5 of the 2012 ALDS over Baltimore 3-1. He got blown out of ALCS Game 4 against Detroit (the Yanks’ last postseason game. They were swept, and in Game 1 of that series, Jeter broke his ankle. You can make the case that Jeter, and the Yankees, have never and were never the same since). Well, since that ALCS Game 4 that CC was blown out in, he is 17-21 with an ERA of 4.97. That isn’t a blip. That is a trend. That is an ERA+ about 80 or so. 20% below league average. He is getting $23MM this year, $25MM next year, and there is a vesting option for $25MM for 2017. This is a huge problem for the Yanks, because CC looks nothing like an ace right now. Personally, I think he looks more like a #5 pitcher looking to keep his job. I hope I am wrong, but results are results.

Esmiel Rogers 3 IP, 1 R, 3 H, 0 walks, 3 K. 2.84.

Chris Martin 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 1 K. 3.68.

Mark Teixeira got a HR in the game, (8, 371 of his career).

I hope I am wrong and that my eyes are deceiving me. But CC and Beltran look done. What the Yanks do about that, and their contracts, will be interesting.

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