The Minors. Nova ready to return?

Yankee Stadium Frieze

AAA: It looks like the Yanks will need to make a decision soon. Ivan Nova had a great rehab outing and looks about ready to return. Do they put him in the rotation (most likely)? If so, who gets taken out? (I know what the Yanks will probably do, I know what I would do, and they are two different things, put it that way). Does Nova come back and go into the bullpen for the time being (unlikely)?

Nova gave up just one run in six innings on his rehab last night. He gave up five hits, one walk, 3 K. He looks ready. 2B Rob Refsnyder homered and drove in two runs in SWB’s 5-1 victory.

AA:   Trenton lost 4-1. Not much in the way of highlights to report on this one.

High A: Tampa scored two in the 10th to win 8-6. 2 H, 3 RBI for CF Mark Payton. 2 hits, solo HR LF Ericson Leonora.

A: Charleston lost 7-3. 2 hits, rbi, DH Dustin Fowler (.300).



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