AL wins ASG, 6-3. Will have WS home-field advantage.

The AL will have WS home field advantage this year after beating the NL 6-3 in the All-Star Game. Of course, that didn’t help KC last year when they lost Game 7 at home to the SF Giants.

Mike Trout was the MVP, repeating his MVP of the 2014 All Star Game. He accomplished a rare feat. In 2012, in his first at bat of the ASG, he singled. In 2013, he doubled. Last year he tripled in his first at bat. Tonight? He led off the game with a HR.

Prince Fielder drove in two runs. Lorenzo Cain had 2 hits and an RBI.

As for the Yanks, Dellin Betances had a scoreless inning. Brett Gardner was 0 for 2, both strikeouts. Mark Teixeira was o for 2, one strikeout and a groundout that moved a runner up that would later score on an SF (a productive out).

The AL won despite striking out 15 times.

They had a promotion for the “Franchise Four” and the Four greatest living players.

As far as the four greatest living players, they were Aaron, Mays, Koufax and Bench. Um, ok.

I’m not so sure about Bench. Greatest CATCHER ever? Probably (I am partial to Yogi) but Bench as one of the top four greatest living PLAYERS over say, Frank Robinson? Ken Griffey, Jr.? Some guys are off the list because of being steroid guys, but…   But hey, the ASG was in Cincy and….

Speaking of steroid guys, the Mets “Franchise Four” were Seaver, Piazza, Keith Hernandez(?…. better in St. Louis) and David Wright. Note no Gooden or Strawberry (and Piazza has suspicions).

Fans that voted amaze me. I don’t want to sound elitist, but here is an example.

The Phillies’ “Franchise Four”: Schmidt, Carlton, Roberts and Ashburn. The first 3, yeah, ok. even though Roberts wasn’t the same after age 29… but people don’t know history. Nothing against Ashburn, who was a singles hitting .306 career hitter (no power… Chuck Klein may have been a better choice, or Dick Allen or Del Ennis), but Grover Cleveland Alexander, “Old Pete” was better than BOTH Carlton and Roberts, or Ashburn, Klein or Ennis. Alexander, who pitched for the Phils 1911-1917, won 373 games in his career (tied for 3rd all-time), including 30 or more in three CONSECUTIVE years for the Phils. He did it in a bandbox, the Baker Bowl, that was 290 down the RF line and 320 to RCF. To picture that, move the current RF fence in Philly in about 40 feet, and ask the righty pitcher to have ERAs under 2.00 and win 30 games in a season.

Really, fans have NO sense of history. Alexander was the best Phillies’ pitcher ever, period.

The Yanks final 4 was easy. Ruth, Gehrig, Dimaggio and Mantle. Some people were bitching about that, saying Jeter should be above Dimaggio. Um, as much as I love Jeter, no. Don’t give me that Jeter had over 1000 more hits than Joe D. Dimaggio lost 3 full years to WWII. He hit .325 to Jeter’s .310. He had 361 HR (in 13 seasons) to Jeter’s 260 (in 20). Dimaggio played in the OLD Yankee Stadium, where the LCF and CF fences were some 60 feet farther away than the Stadium Jeter played in. There is a REASON that Joe D., in 1969 was named Baseball’s Greatest Living Player.

Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio and Mantle are the top 4.

The next 4? How about Jeter, Mo, Yogi and Whitey. Any team would take Jeter, Rivera, Berra and Ford as their TOP 4.

After Pete Rose’s appearance, people are clamoring for him to be admitted to the HOF (Rose was one of Cincy’s “Franchise Four” along with Bench, Morgan and Larkin…. I kind of wonder about Frank Robinson (1956-1965 with Reds, 586 HR, almost 3000 hits)…. if the Reds hadn’t traded him to Baltimore, shouldn’t he be one of the Reds’ “Franchise Four”?) . I disagree. I mean, when are we going to hold people accountable and responsible for their actions? To me, that is something that has gone wrong in this country. We don’t hold people responsible or accountable for their actions anymore.

This being baseball’s showcase, most of the minors had off. For example, the Yanks’ AAA, AA and High A teams all were off.  Charleston’s Low A game was ppd.


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