Yanks rained out. DH scheduled for Saturday. Some playoff scenarios.


The Yankees were rained out on Friday night, and with this hurricane coming up the East coast, we’ll have to see what happens this weekend.

The Yanks are scheduled for a day/night DH today (Saturday). First game 12:05, second at 7:05.

The lineup that was to have played Friday night was one that would have rested regulars. Gary Sanchez would have made his MLB debut catching Severino. Rico Noel would have played in RF and presumably would finally get his first MLB at bat after just pinch running and being a defensive replacement. John Ryan Murphy would have been at 1B. Slade Heathcott, Jose Pirela and Rob Refsnyder would all have been in the lineup.

We’ll see how Girardi makes out the lineups today….or even if ANY game gets in.

Meanwhile, Houston won big and the Yanks magic # to have that wild card game played in the Bronx remains at one.

There are many scenarios…

If the Yanks don’t win another game, and finish tied with Houston at 87 wins, meaning Houston wins out, that wild card game would be in Houston and not in Yankee Stadium because Houston won 4 of the 7 games the two teams played against each other this year.

If the Angels or Twins are the wild card, the game would be in Yankee Stadium.

The only way the Twins are in is to win both their remaining games, have Houston lose its remaining games, and have Texas and the Angels split their remaining games. That would put three teams at 85 wins.  From MLB.com…

In the three-team tie, we’d have to have the three teams choose/receive their A, B and C designations, with Club C traveling to face the winner of the game between Clubs A and B to determine who advances to the Wild Card Game. So how is that decided? Here goes.

The three designations are decided by head-to-head records (with intradivision records the next determining factor, followed by intraleague records).

Think of this almost like a draft, and the team with the “first pick” can choose the scenario it likes best. A team might rather play two games than one if it gets to host both, which is why a team might choose to be Club A rather than Club C. On the other hand, a team could choose Club C designation if it wants to rest a star pitcher and take its chance in one winner-take-all game, even if it is on the road.

So let’s say the Angels, Astros and Twins end up tied for the second AL Wild Card spot. The Angels, who were 14-12 against those other teams, would get first choice, followed by the Astros (13-12) and Twins (5-8).

Texas is in, but we don’t know as what yet. Most likely as division champ. But let’s say that Texas loses their last two games to the Angels,  and Houston wins their remaining games. But the Yanks lose out and wind up at 87-75. Both Texas and Houston wind up with 87 wins and the Angels are eliminated with only 86 wins.

There would be a 163rd game between Houston and Texas, with the game being played at the Rangers, to determine the AL West champ. The loser would face the Yankees in the Bronx.

Were Houston and Texas to finish the season in a tie atop the AL West, they would play a one-game tiebreaker on Monday, Oct. 5. Home-field advantage would go to the Rangers, thanks to having already clinched the head-to-head against the Astros. The winner of this game would advance to the Division Series, while the loser would head to the Wild Card Game.

So the winner of that game would be 88-75, the Yanks would be 87-75 and the loser, at 87-76, would be going to the Bronx.

Got it? I know…. confusing.

But the Yanks can make home-field for the wild card game all theirs with just one more win. Make it happen, Yankees, and then just sit back and see who you play in the Bronx on Tuesday.

Of course, the Yanks can win, then root for a 163rd game that goes 15 innings or so and tires out whoever they would play on Tuesday. Now that is a best-case scenario.

Now as for who the Yankees would play if they win the wild card play-in game?

Right now, Toronto & KC are tied with the best record in the league. The Blue Jays beat the Royals 4 games to 3 this season, so Toronto would get the tiebreaker.


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