Yanks get Castro from Cubs for Warren, Ryan


The Yanks have solved their 2B question for 2016, but the question now is, what do the Yanks now do with Rob Refsnyder?

The Yanks traded Adam Warren and Brendan Ryan to the Cubs for Starlin Castro. With the minor league signing of Pete Kozma last week, Ryan was expendable. Kozma is a younger version of Ryan…. good field, no hit.

Castro, who will be 26 next spring, is a 3x All Star SS who was moved to 2B by the Cubs late last year. After a terrible start to the 2015 season, Castro rebounded to hit .265-11-69, OPS+ 83 last year (average OPS+ is 100). So still a down year. He needs to show a little more plate patience. He walked just 21 times last season and averages just 34 a year.

But a 3x All Star before he has turned 26 is too hard to pass up. He is just one year older than Refsnyder and a 3x All-Star while Refsnyder has what, three weeks of MLB experience? The Yanks can keep Ackley who is more versatile than Refsnyder.

Castro provides a righty bat which the Yanks needed. They were very vulnerable to lefties last year.

Now since the Yanks got Castro, will they package Refsnyder in a deal for pitching? We’ll have to see.

Losing Warren hurts. He was 7-7, 3.29 in 17 starts and 26 relief appearances last year. Versatile. But you have to give to get. Maybe this opens a door for Bryan Mitchell in the spot starter/long relief role.

Heck, maybe the Yanks use Ivan Nova in this role if they don’t trade him. As of now, the Yanks have Tanaka, Pineda, Severino, CC, Eovaldi and Nova as starters. That is six guys for five spots. Warren would have been seven, if the Yanks were considering him as a starter. Then you have Mitchell.

We’ll see if the Yanks make another deal for a starter. Hopefully they don’t have to give up Miller to get that. Keep the Wilson/Betances/Miller trio for the endgame, and hope Shreve bounces back to what he was April-August before he collapsed at the end of the year.

But with this deal, the Yanks have a DP combo of Didi and Castro who are both young and have a few years until they hit 30.

Castro’s 162 G average is .281-11-66, 14 SB and an OPS+ of 97.

Now as for Ackley and Refsnyder….


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