Could SWB have a strong core in 2016?

Yankee Stadium Frieze

What the Yanks do now with Rob Refsnyder I don’t know. Starlin Castro is a 3x All-Star and only a year older than Refsnyder and is a righty hitter like Refsnyder is. Dustin Ackley hits lefty and is more versatile than Refsnyder. It appears that Refsnyder’s way to the majors is blocked, and he will be going back to SWB unless the Yanks package him in a deal.

Which they may do. After all, with the trades of Warren and Wilson, the Yanks will need to replenish their bullpen.

Meanwhile, Greg Bird’s pathway to the majors is blocked right now by Mark Teixeira. A-Rod can only DH.

Then we come to Gary Sanchez. It’s not a given that he will be the backup catcher now that the Yanks have traded Murphy. Austin Romine is out of options, and the Yanks may decide to have Romine backup Brian McCann for that reason and to let Sanchez play every day at SWB so that he can develop further. Sanchez doesn’t have that much AAA experience. Neither does Bird for that matter.

The Yanks could also get a backup catcher yet as well.

Since the Yanks traded for Aaron Hicks, and since Ackley can play corner OF, Mason Williams and Slade Heathcott could be AAA-bound to play OF along with Aaron Judge.

So if the Yanks do decide to keep Refsnyder, and decide that Sanchez could benefit further from playing every day at AAA as opposed to once a week in the majors, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (SWB), the Yanks’ AAA team, could have a team with Bird, Refsnyder, Sanchez, Heathcott, Judge and Williams as starters.

We’ll see.

But it’ll be an interesting team if that happens.


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