Ex-Red O’Toole dies at 78.

Jim O’Toole, a lefty who pitched for the Reds against the Yankees in the 1961 World Series, died today, December 26th, at the age of 78.

O’Toole pitched for the Reds from 1958-1966, and concluded his MLB career with the 1967 White Sox.

He won 19 games in 1961 for the NL Champs, and went 0-2 in his two WS starts, giving up 4 runs in 12 IP. He finished 10th in MVP voting that year (won by teammate Frank Robinson).

O’Toole won 16 games in 1962 and was an All-Star in 1963 when he won 17 games. He also won 17 in 1964 when the Reds missed winning the pennant by one game.

At his peak, 1961-1964, he averaged 17-11 with a 3.05 ERA, ERA+ 123. But his peak didn’t last long.

O’Toole’s career went south after 1964 and his last game came in July 1967 for the White Sox, who finished fourth that year, just three games out. O’Toole was just 30 when he pitched in his final game.

He was 98-84 in his career with a 3.57 ERA (ERA+ 106). His 162 g. average was 13-11, 3.57, ERA+ 106.

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