Opening Day thoughts.


After a quiet Yankees’ off season (which is why there hasn’t been many postings), things should heat up later this week when pitchers and catchers report to spring training.

About the only news right now would be if the Yanks sign someone like Ike Davis to play 1B down in SWB and be on call if Teix is hurt. This because Greg Bird is out for the year.

Questions remain about Tanaka’s readiness for Opening Day. He had surgery to remove a bone spur from his pitching elbow in the off season. But that made me wonder about the Opening Day lineup, and not just who may pitch on that day.

Usually, the Yanks’ lineup would look something like this in 2016:

Ellsbury CF
Gardner LF
Beltran RF
Teixeira 1B
A-Rod DH
McCann C
Headley 3B
Castro 2B
Gregorius SS

But the Yanks will be facing Houston on Opening Day—the same team and pitcher who beat them in the Wild Card game last October. That pitcher was lefty Dallas Keuchel, who won last year’s CYA.

So on Opening Day do the Yanks have two lefty hitters at the top of the lineup? Or do they sit one of them and play Aaron Hicks instead of Ellsbury or Gardner?

Do they go with Gary Sanchez at catcher instead of McCann?

Of course, injuries in spring training may make this a moot point.

Super Bowl 50 won’t go down as the most exciting or better of the 50 so far, but may be remembered as Peyton Manning’s last rodeo. We’ll see if he retires.

Jennry Mejia of the Mets must be a special kind of stupid. For the THIRD time in a year and a half, he failed a PED test, earning him a permanent suspension from MLB. Even if he applies for and is granted reinstatement, he would not be pitching in the majors again until 2018.



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