Game 17. Yanks K 16, but lose 8-1.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

Winston Churchill once said that the Soviet Union was a puzzle inside a riddle wrapped in an enigma.

He could have been talking about Michael Pineda. Pineda struck out 9 in 5 IP, but gave up 4 HR, 2 in the first inning when he gave up 5 of his 7 runs and put the Yanks behind the 8-ball, 5-0, before they ever got to bat.

The Yanks struck out 16 Rays, but lost 8-1.

Pineda reminds me of A.J. Burnett. So much talent, but it seems wasted and unfulfilled. You just never know with Pineda who shows up that day. Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. That inconsistency is holding him, and the Yanks, back. A.J. was the same way.

A-Rod had an RBI double for the only Yanks run of the game, and apparently strained an oblique swinging in the cage between at bats. So he could be out. Hicks’ sore shoulder will keep him out about a week.

So far this season, the Yanks have struggled against lefty pitchers. Part of that is because Alex is at .145 and Chase Headley, a switch-hitter, is at .149. Even Teixeira, another switch-hitter is just at .220. Teix is a notoriously slow starter.

They need the bats to come alive. At 7-10, the Yanks now go to Texas, Boston and Baltimore.

The Yanks do catch a bit of a break. They were supposed to face Cole Hamels on Monday night in Texas, but Hamels is forced to miss a start due to a groin pull.

Pineda (L, 1-2, 6.95) 5 IP, 7 R, 10 H, 1 walk, 9 K. Gave up 4 HR.
Yates 2 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks and 4 K. 3.68.
Goody 2 IP, 1 R, 1 H, 1 walk and 3 K. 4.50. Gave up a HR.



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