WS Game 2: Cubs even series with 5-1 win.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

Wouldn’t it be something if after 108 years, not only do the Cubs win the WS, but the WS MVP is someone who played in two games all year long because of a torn ACL, was 0 for 4, was activated in time for the WS, and wound up winning the WS MVP?

Kyle Schwarber had 2 hits and a walk in Game 2 of the WS, and drove in two runs. Coming off the DL, he DH’d in Cleveland, and is a poor fielder anyway. The next three games will be in Chicago, and Schwarber will probably be reduced to PH duty.

But hey, that’s what happened in 2009 with Hideki Matsui, when he DH’d for the Yankees, so you never know.

Jake Arrietta pitched a no-hitter for 5 1/3 innings before Cleveland finally got a hit in the Cubs’ 5-1 victory. The Indians got only four hits, two by Mike Napoli.

Ben Zobrist had two hits and an RBI for the Cubs and is 5 for 8 in the Series.Schwarber is 3 for 7.

Game 3 is Friday night.


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