Arizona Fall League: Torres shines again.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

I don’t know if the Yankees will get Aroldis Chapman back via free agency this off-season, but I do know that one of the players they got for him could be special, and soon.

The thing is, in a few years, with Didi at SS at Starlin Castro at 2B, who gets moved to a new position or traded away?

19 year old Gleyber Torres, part of the package  for Chapman, is coming . He may start the year at AA, but he isn’t far away.

But as a 2B/SS, who would he replace? Didi? Castro? Does one replace Headley at 3B?

Scottsdale won 5-4 in AFL action tonight.

Torres (DH) was 2 for 3, scored one, drove in one, and walked. .362.

A name to remember for the future” Gleyber Torres.

3B Miguel Andujar, himself a good prospect, 1 for 4,  struck out once, .309

CF Tyler Wade, 0 for 3, struck out once, .200.







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