First to HR in MLB game on West Coast dies: Daryl Spencer

Yankee Stadium Frieze

Daryl Spencer, an infielder, and the first major leaguer to hit a MLB home run on the West Coast, has passed away at the age of 88.

After the move of the NY Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers to the west coast after the 1957 season, it was Spencer who hit the first HR out west when his now San Francisco Giants hosted the now Los Angeles Dodgers at Seals Stadium on April 15, 1958. The HR, off Don Drysdale, helped the Giants win the game 8-0.

Spencer played for the Giants, Cardinals, Dodgers and Reds from 1952-1963. He missed all of the 1954 and 1955 seasons due to military service, thus missing out on the 1954 NY Giants WS title year.

He hit .244 in his career, playing SS, 2B and 3B, and had 105 HR. His 162 g. average was .244-15-63, OPS+ 89.


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