Ned Garver, one of the last St. Louis Browns’ stars, dies at 91.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

The last year of the St. Louis Browns was 1953. They moved and became the Baltimore Orioles in 1954.

For years, they shared old Sportsman’s Park with the Cardinals, but were always the poor sister. The only pennant the St. Louis Browns ever won was in 1944—because most of the good players were in the service during WWII.

Today, one of the last great Browns players, Ned Garver, died at the age of 91.

Garver pitched from 1948-1952 for the Browns, then from 1952-1956 for the Tigers. He was with the Kansas City A’s from 1957-1960 and finished his career with the expansion 1961 Los Angeles Angels.

He went 129-157, 3.73, in his major league career. His ERA+ was an impressive 112. (100 is average), proving that he suffered by being on bad teams. His 162 g. average was 12-15, 3.73.

In 1949, he went 12-17, 3.98,  leading the league in losses.

The next year, he was 13-18, 3.39, but still finished 24th in MVP voting, and led the league in ERA+ and complete games.

His best year was 1951. He was an all-star for the only time and finished second to Yogi Berra in the MVP voting. He went 20-12, 3.73 and once again led the league in complete games. The MVP voting was close, Yogi, Garver and Allie Reynolds each getting 6 first place votes with the top three finishing with 184, 157 and 125 points. Minnie Minoso finished 4th with 120 points and Bob Feller fifth with 118.

He went 14-11, 2.81 for the 1954 Tigers.

Garver was a good hitter for a pitcher, hitting .218 with 7 HR.




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