Could Yankees’ lineup have Sanchez batting second?

Yankee Stadium Frieze

Recent studies suggest that contrary to history, that a team’s best hitter should bat second and not third.

That’s open to debate, but…

In a couple spring training games this week, Gary Sanchez has batted second.

With recent rumblings about Girardi possibly breaking up the 1-2 of Gardner and Ellsbury, separating the two lefty bats, and with Sanchez batting second in some spring training games, one blog (I forget which one) listed this as a possible lineup:

Gardner LF   L
Sanchez C     R
Bird 1B            L
Holliday DH  R
Gregorius SS L
Castro 2B        R
Headley 3B     S
Ellsbury CF    L
Judge RF          R

I must say, I do like that lineup. You got l/r, l/r all throughout the lineup, with the switch hitter, Headley, in the 7 spot.

Another reason I like it is this: if Gardner and Ellsbury get on, and are as aggressive on the basepaths as they should be (I’d like to see both with 30 SB, not 20 and 16, I don’t think they were as aggressive as they need to be last season), then that will help Sanchez and Judge. The two youngsters, both who will be in their first full season with the team, should then see more fastballs, which can only help the sluggers.


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