Game 14. Severino good, but Yanks’ win streak ends, 4-1.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

The line does not show how well Luis Severino pitched.

For six innings, he made only one mistake which was hit for a HR. He retired all the other batters. But entering the seventh, he was behind 1-0, despite a one-hitter.

In the seventh, he gave up a hit. Pete Kozma had a DP ball hit to him. He flubbed it. Instead of no one on, two out, there were two on, no one out.

Severino made his second and last mistake of the game, giving up a 3-run HR.

His last outing was stellar. So, really, was this one. If he can continue to do this…

As for Kozma, he is in there for his defense. The .222 career hitter can’t hit water if he fell out of a boat. He needs to make that play.

The Yanks’ offense was asleep tonight, as the only run they scored was in the bottom of the ninth on a two-out, bases-loaded walk to Starlin Castro. They got only 4 hits.

Still, if the next batter, Aaron Judge, hits a HR, it’s a walkoff grand slam.

BTW, Judge, in batting practice, hit a ball OVER the LCF bleachers, probably a 500 ft. shot.

Do it in a game, Aaron.

Oh well, a loss after eight straight wins. The Yanks are now 9-5.

As I write this, Toronto is losing and could drop to 2-11. Who saw that coming?

So start a new streak with Tanaka tomorrow, Yanks.

As for Severino, keep it up. If you pitch like you did tonight, you’ll win more than you lose. He gave up only 3 hits, but 2 were HR. A solo shot and a 3-run shot.

Severino (L, 1-1, 4.05) 8 IP, 4 R, 3 ER, just 3 hits, no walks, and 10 K. Gave up 2 HR.
Holder 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H,  0 walks, 1 K. 0.00




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