Game 46. “Holliday” weekend. Yanks win despite getting only 2 hits, 3-2.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

Matt Holliday got the Yanks’ first hit of the game with a 2-run HR in the sixth inning, and despite only getting two hits in the game, the Yanks edged the Oakland A’s 3-2.

The Yanks got a run in the first without getting a hit. Sanchez walked and Holliday was HBP. After a wild pitch, Starlin Castro hit a SF.

CC gave up a run in the top of the sixth that tied the game at 1.

Then in the bottom of the sixth, Sanchez walked again and Holliday broke up the no-hit bid with his ninth HR of the year.

CC gave up a HR in the seventh to cut the Yanks’ lead to 3-2, but they held on, with Dellin Betances getting the last five outs, as Tyler Clippard ran into trouble again.

The Yanks are 28-18. The only other hit came when Castro singled after Holliday’s HR.

The Yanks got a little lucky when two balls almost resulted in violent collisions with Aaron Judge. There could have been serious injury there.

Sabathia (W, 5-2, 4.42) 6 1/3 IP, 2 R, 6 H, 3 W, 9 K. Gave up 1 HR.
Warren (H, 4) 2/3 IP, 0 r, 0 H, 0 W, 1 K. 2.88
Clippard (H, 6) 1/3 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 W, 1 K. 1.74.
Betances (S, 5) 1 2/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 W, 3 K. 0.52

Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Bunning, who later served as a U.S. Representative and Senator, died at the age of 85. See my other post on this blog for more information.


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