Yanks deal Refsnyder to Toronto for minor league 1B.


You can’t keep everyone and there are only a number of chances you can give someone.

The Yanks, who dfa’d Rob Refsnyder recently, traded him today to the Toronto Blue Jays for minor league 1B Ryan McBroom.

Refsnyder played in 94 games as a Yankee from 2015 to 2017, and hit .241-2-17, OPS+ 72. He is 26, and some other younger players have bypassed him on the depth chart as a prospect.

McBroom, 25, is a 1B/DH. He has played some LF but doesn’t project there. The highest level he has made it to is AA. In 421 minor league games (about 3 seasons worth), he is a .280 hitter with 57 HR and 288 RBI. In 105 games at AA, he is .235-13-56.

2015, Low A: .315-12-90
2016: High A/AA: .266-22-85

At AA this year, 2017: .243-12-54 in 96 games.

BTW, my thoughts on the #21 controversy over Todd Frazier sticking with #29, not getting #21, etc. ….

S**t or get off the pot with the number. Either it’s retired or it’s not. It’s not retired, then  issue it. If you don’t want to issue it, retire it already. O’Neill has a plaque in Monument Park. Personally, I think that is enough.

Gary Sanchez is wearing #24, now is Tino Martinez (who also has a plaque in Monument Park) that far below O’Neill on the pecking order?

As far as retired numbers go, I think there are a couple of numbers the Yanks have already retired that shouldn’t have been retired. There are too many that are. What’s next, decimal points? 7.0? Triple digits? Heck, Frazier and Judge look like football players out there with 77 and 99 (of course, the huge Judge looks like a football player anyway, but that’s because he is huge). Same with tiny little Ronald Torreyes with #74.

Why not retire #11 for Lefty Gomez? #22 for Allie Reynolds? I think they were as important as O’Neill, and that is NOT a slight at O’Neill.

But also, and credit to Mike Vaccaro of the NY Post for this, if Todd Frazier wears #29 this year, and as a free agent signs with the Yankees after the season is over, and the Yanks won the WS this year, then what about #29? After all, Girardi moved from #27 to #28 when the Yanks won it all in 2009 and would move the number up again and then take #29 in 2018 if the Yanks won the WS. Then when Frazier comes back he’d have to switch numbers again.

The numbers thing is getting ridiculous. Either issue the number or retire it. One or the other.


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