Judge has surgery; Ohtani on way?

Yankee Stadium Frieze

Apparently Aaron Judge hit a lot of his 52 HR on a damaged shoulder. Judge slumped after the All-Star break, but rebounded to hit 15 HR in September. He had a poor ALDS vs. the Indians, but went 6 for 24 with 2 doubles and 3 HR against Houston in the ALCS.

Could a couple of cortisone shots have helped him in September and in the ALCS?

Judge had surgery Monday on his left shoulder, the one the press said he was icing for a while, to clear out some debris in there. He should be OK for the beginning of spring training.

But he was most likely playing with it like that for a while. Not bad for damaged goods, eh?

Meanwhile, MLB passed a new posting setup with Japan, so Shohei Ohtani looks like he is coming over to play MLB baseball, and the Yankees are the heavy favorite to land the 23 year old.

If you have access to youtube, pull up his highlights and watch them. He could be a combination of Masahiro Tanaka and Hideki Matsui in ONE PACKAGE.


A guy who pitches AND hits that well. And the $20MM posting fee does not count against the cap, and the Yankees got extra bonus $ to throw at him. He would come, salary-wise, cheap, and only the salary goes against the cap.

The Yanks have to take a chance on him. Hits 100 MPH on the mound, lefty power hitter at the plate.

Does both well, hence the nickname the “Japanese Babe Ruth.” Think of Babe, ca. 1918 & 1919.

And the Yanks are the heavy favorites to land him. Recruiting pitches from Tanaka and Matsui should help.

The Braves were hit hard today for breaking international signing rules. Their GM was permanently barred from the game and 13 minor leaguers, including their top prospect, are now free agents.


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