Toddfather to Mets; Yanks finalize coaching staff.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

To no one’s great surprise, NJ native Todd Frazier stayed home, but made the crosstown trek from the Bronx to Queens, signing a 2-yr., $17MM deal with the Mets.

The Mets need 3b help, since it appears increasingly likely that David Wright will not play again.

No offense to Wright, a great player who has spinal stenosis, but it’s time to call it a day.

The Yanks could have squeezed in the $8.5MM/per, but most likely could only offer 1 yr. A multi-year deal for the Toddfather doesn’t work because:

  1. Miguel Andujar may be ready at the major league minimum, and if he is, he helps the Yanks re-set the bar on the luxury tax. They really want under the cap.
  2. If Andujar is ready, great. If not, Manny Machado becomes a free agent next year. One reason not to sign the Toddfather to a multi-yr. deal. Why do that when Machado is available next year?
  3. If Andujar has a great rookie year, you can just keep and control Andujar, not worry about Machado and focus elsewhere.
  4. If Andujar has a great rookie year and you want Machado anyway, Andujar has increased his trade value, which even now is high because other teams are asking about him and the Yanks have him off the table.
  5.  If Andujar struggles, you may be able to get someone (Machado even?) at the trade deadline this year.

So the Yanks best option may be just to do what they are doing now, which appears (it isn’t official yet) to just hand the 3B job to Andujar (Torreyes, Torres, Wade and Estrada are still in the mix).

As for Frazier, MLBTR had him projected as 3 yr./$33MM so he’s getting less than that. They did have the right team (Mets) projected.

The Yanks formalized their coaching staff today. Joining manager Aaron Boone are Josh Bard bench coach, Phil Nevin 3B, Larry Rothschild Pitching coach, Marcus Thames hitting coach w/P.J. Pilletere asst., Reggie Willets 1B/OF, Harkey BP coach, Jason Brown catching coach, Carlos Mendoza Quality Control/Infield, Radley Haddad coaching asst./Bullpen c, Brett Weber Coaching asst/instant replay coordinator.

The way some cities “celebrate” championships are disgusting. I could NEVER root for a Philadelphia team, although I live about 60 miles from Philly. Some fans, including friends and relatives, are OK obviously. But some Philly fans are, to put it mildly, boorish. Celebrate, but celebrate in a civilized fashion.


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