Appearances could be deceiving….

Yankee Stadium Frieze

If you think some Yankees may look a little different this year, you would be right…

Don’t worry, it’s not Barry Bonds different where Bonds all of a sudden got a huge head and had to increase his cap size.

First off, you’ll notice Gary Sanchez. The thought is that he got too bulky and as a result, could not move and shift behind the plate as well, resulting in all those passed balls.

So he got leaner, about 20 pounds leaner, but retaining the same muscle and strength. It is supposed to help his defense.

Aaron Hicks has been working with a conditioning coach, the same one who has worked with Serena Williams.

In a recent video, Hicks looked quite bulked up from last year. Hopefully the strength helps but doesn’t limit flexibility.

Too much bulkiness isn’t good. Too many muscle sprains and tears. Strength, but flexibility.

What other Yankees may look a bit different as a result of their offseason conditioning routine? We’ll soon find out.


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