Could the rotation be already set up for the postseason? Could this be it?

Yankee Stadium Frieze

Ok, there are 17 games to go, and you wonder about the playoff rotation. In taking a look at the rest of the schedule, could the rotation now be set up?

Yes, Sonny Gray pitched last night and lost, but in starting Gray, was the battle (last night’s game) lost in order to try to win the war?

Anyway, here is how I see the rotation possibly setting itself up right through a possible ALDS game 5. Note I also will give the # of days off a pitcher would have for some crucial starts.

Hopefully all stay healthy and no monkey wrench is thrown into anything.

Tonight, Sept. 12  Severino … and the
Yanks are off 9/13
9/14 Tanaka 6 days rest
9/15 CC  5 days rest
9/16 Lynn 7 days rest
9/17 OFF

9/18 vs. Boston at Home Happ 7 days rest.
9/19 vs. Boston at Home Severino 6 days rest
9/20 vs. Boston at Home Tanaka 5 days rest (I don’t think the series will mean anything as far as the division, but with the A’s just two games back for the WC, these games will still be important as far as the Yanks securing the home field for the WC game).

9/21 CC 5 days rest
9/22 Lynn 5 days rest
9/23 Happ normal 4 days rest
9/24 Severino normal 4 days rest
9/25 Tanaka normal 4 days rest
9/26 CC Normal 4 days rest
9/27 Lynn Normal 4 days rest

9/28 at Boston Happ normal 4 days rest
9/29 at Boston Severino normal 4 days rest
9/30 at Boston Tanaka normal 4 days rest (so both at home and at Boston, you have Happ-Severino-Tanaka to try to beat Boston and stay ahead of Oakland)

10/1 and 10/2 OFF

10/3 WILD CARD PLAYOFF GAME  Happ on normal 4 days rest.
If the Yanks win that, then

10/5 ALDS Game 1 in Boston. Severino on 5 days rest
10/6 ALDS Game 2 in Boston. Tanaka on 5 days rest
10/8 ALDS Game 3 in NY. Back with lefty at the Stadium. CC. He’d be on 11 days rest. My guess is that to keep him sharp, he’d probably pitch an inning or two in relief, maybe 9/30, the last game of season on 3 days rest just to keep him fresh.
10/9 ALDS Game 4 in NY. At Stadium, back with another lefty. Happ on 5 days rest.
10/11 ALDS Deciding Game 5 in Boston. Severino on 5 days rest.

Note the rotation if they play Boston in the ALDS. You avoid lefty starters in Fenway, both CC and Happ pitch in NY, while the righties (Severino and Tanaka) pitch in Boston.

What do you think? Have I nailed it?


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