Formula to predict playoff series?


I don’t know how accurate this could be, but here could be a formula to predict playoff series. Of course, there are always upsets.

But ERA+ added to OPS+.

ERA+ average is 100. A 117 means your team’s ERA is 17% Above average.

OPS+ is On Base Pct. + Slugging average in relation to the league. 100 is average. 117 means your on base % + slugging average is 17% Above league average.

So how does this postseason add up?

AL Wild card game. A’s combined total 218, Yanks 224. Yanks win.
NL Wild Card Game. The only upset. Rockies 198, Cubs 213. Rockies win.

ALDS Yanks 224, Boston 229. Boston wins
ALDS Cleveland 221, Houston 239.

According to this, Houston should beat Boston in the ALCS.

NLDS Dodgers 234, Braves 207. Dodgers won.
NLDS Brewers 209, Rockies 198. Brewers won.

According to this, the Dodgers should beat the Brewers in the NLCS.

Also, according to this, we get a repeat of last year’s WS, with Houston (239) topping the Dodgers (234) once again.



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