Is trade of Torreyes a vote of confidence in Tyler Wade?

Yankee Stadium Frieze

As I am at home sick without much of a voice (useless when you work on the phones in a call center), a blog post: has an interesting article on Tyler Wade, suggesting that the trade of Torreyes may be a vote of confidence in Wade as the utility infielder.

It does give Wade the opportunity to run with it. Wade, however, hasn’t done anything in the majors in his limited time there. He is only 24, but is a lefty bat on a righty-heavy team. He also offers speed that the Yankees haven’t been using too much of, especially with Gardner slowing down. The Yanks were 12th in the AL in SB in 2018 with 63, with the team leader being Gardner with 16. Hicks had 11, and Didi, who’ll miss most of the 2019 season, had 10.

Wade needs to hit better. In the majors, he has been overmatched so far. In 124 MLB at bats, he is hitting .161-1-7, OPS+ 25. Terrible.

In 176 AAA games, Wade has hit .282-11-58 with 37 steals.

So maybe this trade of Torreyes is a vote of confidence for Wade, who can play all three OF positions as well as 2B, 3B and SS. It’s an opportunity.

Now Wade has to take advantage of it.

….. and I now have to return to trying to get my health and voice back ….


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